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The first Gothic Bellydance DVD was filmed and produced in 2005 by WorldDanceNewYork and released in early 2006.  It was called "Gothic Bellydance: The Darker Side of Fusion." It's  follow-up, released in 2007 was called "Revelations."  Both DVDs were titled by Tempest, who was an advisor on the project, and recommended many of the non-NYC area dancers who were featured on the DVDs, including Ariellah, Sashi, the ladies of Martiya Possession, and Sa'Elayssa.  Hollywood Music Center/Peko Records also made their own dark fusion DVD, filmed in late 2006 called "Bellydance Underworld."  

All 3 DVDs represent an array of viewpoints and interpretations of what the dancers and especially the producers considered to be "Gothic Bellydance."  This means they are a collection of ideas and should not be interpreted by today's viewers as the end-all, be-all definition of Gothic and Dark Fusion.  There are several performances offered by dancers who did not then (and do not) consider themselves as Gothic/Dark Fusion dancers, but wanted to try something different or wanted to focus more on shock/awe then actual bellydance.  As of 2015, all of the footage is nearly a decade old, and most of the dancers have journeyed very far since then.  Remember, video is essentially a moving photo from a time and place. Trailers for all 3 DVDs  are included below:

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