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In May 2015 at Tribal Fest (Sebastopol, CA)  Jeremiah Soto will be releasing his newest CD, The Ruin of Ghosts - marking the 20th anniversary of Solace. This CD shows the newest evolution of his music over the past two decades from the beginnings with Rhythm of the Dance to today’s The Ruin of Ghosts.


Jeremiah says, "In the last couple of years, I have experienced losses that have affected how I see myself in this world. I have questioned my purpose as a musician, I have contemplated even quitting music to follow other endeavors. For about a year I sat in a darkened room, mind empty, no music flowing, all my ideas were not up to my usual standards. I felt like a ghost of my former self, an apparition floating the empty halls of abandoned buildings and wandering empty forests; invisible and transparent. “The Ruin of Ghosts” reflects this period of struggle, a growing period of sorts, an expression and a reversal of negativity. From death to life, from ruin to harvest. I hope you enjoy these stories about pain, ignorance, narcissism and lies in various tempos."


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