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Welcome to the Gothic Belly Dance Resource - a site dedicated to the artistry of Gothic, Ritual/Sacred, Experimental, and related Fusion forms of Belly Dance. It is our goal to support the movement through education, exploration, and documentation.


This site was founded in 2003, and has been integral to the development of Dark Fusion in Bellydance over the last 12 years.


As of January 2015, it has finally received a much needed face-lift and updating of information.

We need your help to update the website with new and relevant content.  Please visit the submissions page to see how to submit links, resources, photos, videos, and more.

Our iconic splash page from the original website:

This Month's Features:

Dancer: Tempest
Based in Seattle, WA - discover more about the "Goth Mutha" of bellydance.

Music: Solace
Jeremiah Soto is working to release a new project called "Ruins of Ghosts" - check it out and be a part of it!

The Gothic Belly Dance Resource....founded 2003 - dedicated to the artistry of Gothic, Dark, Ritual, Experimental, and other Related Fusions of Belly Dance

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