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This site was established in November 2003.  In April 2004, it went through it's second emergence, more than tripling in size, and more links, photos, and material has been added regularly since then.  But not long after that, updates were minimal due to a demanding schedule (and not for lack of content, but more the overwhelming amount of it!). Finally in 2015, this site received a much-needed facelift and will continue to update and build content.


The world of Gothic Belly Dance has grown immensely since the birth of this site, mainly as a result of the site's mere existence.  The Durga Tours (in 2006, 2009) criss-crossed the continental US, making over 50 stops total, which meant we've been able to see the growth and the faces firsthand. DVDs have been released--with more on the way, shows, festivals, workshops and other events have been focused just on this genre alone, and yet, there's still so much more to come. Journey with us.


About This Site:

It is interesting to note that this site can be one person's greatest delight, and another person's distressing nightmare. For those of an alternative and/or artistic nature, it is a niche and a place of discovery and inspiration for THEIR dance. It's truly a homecoming.  For those who have been repulsed by the whole concept: Tradition has a time and place in all things --innovation as well as preservation. One can honor the past AND invoke the future. Every breath, every moment, every step moves us beyond "tradition" and "authenticity".  A change in location, culture, society, costuming---all of these things signify an alteration to the genetic structure---not to mention the dancer herself!


-Laura Tempest Zakroff

web mistress, designer, and primary author of the Gothic Belly Dance Resource.


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